Why you really should keep a pregnancy journal.

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Why you should keep a pregnancy journal.

1. The moment your baby is born, you will only remember about three things from your pregnancy and two of them will be heartburn.

2. One day, when your baby is a kid who is acting like a kid who could not possibly be yours, this will remind you that he actually is.

3. Your journal will be proof that your body was/is capable of amazing feats.

4. You really should record your handwriting before it becomes all sleep-deprived and cat scratch-like.

5. Your “baby” might one day turn to you and say “I’m probably adopted!” Now you can say “Nope!” and offer up evidence.

6. This is the only time that it will just be you and your baby – the two of you, your first, nine-month long “mommy and me” date.

7. All of the great healthy stuff you did for this kid should really be documented.

8. Before there is a first step, there is a first kick. Or fifty of them. Record how those sweet little feet once practiced for the future.

9. Pregnancy is the beginning of the most exhausting, joyful time of your life. It’s a great journey and it deserves a great journal.





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